Specialized Claims Synergy™

The Sensible Approach to Damage Appraisals™

Proudly Serving THE CLAIMS INDUSTRY Since 2011

Specialized Claims Synergy (SCS) is a nationwide network of Independent Vehicle Damage Appraisers comprising fully vetted professionals. Our areas of expertise encompass classic cars, heavy equipment, marine vessels, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. Our network of independent appraisers is dedicated to providing vehicle owners with an exceptional experience. Our range of services includes speciality vehicle damage estimates, diminished value appraisals, total loss valuations, desk write estimate services, free owner photo App, and CAT Storm teams.

The SCS appraisers possess the necessary knowledge and experience to assess damage accurately and estimate repair costs. You can trust us to complete your damage appraisal quickly and precisely while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism.