Robust technology delivering reliability, security, flexibility and innovation 


  • Reliability: SCS collaborates with Valued Websites and a leading web hosting services, ensuring that our internal SCS Portal Claims System is always functioning. There are five data servers housed in five hidden centers across the United States ensuring the best possible system reliability.
  • Security: Our Web Services Hosting Company is one of the most elite companies that offers state-of-the-art security features and structure. Their locations are heavily guarded and access is strictly limited. Servers are protected by the leading security monitoring and auditing systems available in the world today.
  • Complete System: The SCS Portal offers the best in appraisal claims technology. Our systems boast proprietary audit tools, unlimited customizable reports, simple and reliable appraiser upload features, system dashboards and much more. We collaborate with Valued Websites in producing an industry leading claims portal.
  • Client Upload Systems: At SCS, we believe that flexibility is strength. Our staff are experts on just about all Claims Upload Portals available on the market today. When a new one is introduced into the industry, we embrace the challenge of mastering the system