Supplement Process

Let's start a Supplement!

Please click the "Click Here to Start a Supplement" button above to start the upload process of your estimate, invoices, photos, etc. Please make sure your shops information is listed on the estimate.

After you upload your files, the system sends the supplement to the assigned appraiser and re-opens the claim for our customer service representative to monitor the progress of the supplement. On average, supplements take 24-48 business hours to complete.

Special Note:

You must use the exact claim number, to include dashes, while entering it. Additionally, please reduce the size of your photos to standard resolution to ensure they enter the system.


Specialized Claims Synergy, LLC is a 3rd party independent contractor representing insurance carrier clients. As such, we do not issue payments. Please contact the insurance carrier regarding payment(s).

Repair Authorization

Repair Authorization must come from the insured vehicle owner. Neither Specialized Claims Synergy, LLC nor the carrier can make authorization to repair a vehicle.

Other Ways to Reach Us

Shops and vendors can also email us your estimates, photos, invoices, etc. You may email us at Please note that this method requires our staff to upload your files in the order they are received. This does add processing time to the supplement completion.