Desk Write Services


Specialized Claims Synergy offers a full line of desk review and desk write services. We can desk write all vehicle types (Heavy Equipment, Autos, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles, Specialty/Exotics, Classics, and more) with timeliness and precision. When an assignment is received, we email a confirmation status to the adjuster immediately so there is no guesswork as to whether or not the assignment is being worked on.

Our audit team also reviews shop estimates to ensure fairness and accuracy, and works with the shop whenever changes are needed. Our team secures agreed prices with shops to ensure that no delays occur. Our average cycle-time on desk writes in one business day. All estimates are written on the proper vehicle type software whenever the database exists.

Our team of desk writers are licensed in accordance with state mandates. We do not offer this service in the state of Masschecutes due to their restriction.